Host a Screening

Are you interested in hosting a screening of Quake Heroes? Please use the calendar below to schedule a free 30 minute meeting with our team.


For comments and queries that require a direct line of communication, please click the button below to schedule a video-call meeting with one or more members of our team.


We recommend a minimum of 5 weeks. This allows you ample time to publicize your event. However, if you need to host a screening sooner, please let us know during the booking process, and our team will do their best to accommodate your request.

Absolutely! We offer reduced license rates for hosting multiple events and screenings.
You only need a space large enough to accommodate your audience, along with the necessary screening equipment (e.g., large display, projector, cinema screen). Most hosts use school gyms, auditoriums, community centers, libraries, or places of worship. Some also make arrangements with school theaters or local commercial film theaters.
Yes, you can set a ticket price at any amount you choose, or you can offer free attendance. A common range is $5-10 for ticket prices. We will set up a free RSVP and ticketing website for you to offer to guests.
We highly recommend having a post-film discussion with your audience immediately following the film. Most organizers choose someone from their community to lead the discussion, and we provide a moderator guide to support this. The guide contains facts from the film and suggested discussion questions. Some hosts invite a panel of local experts to answer questions.
We hope that parents and children will see this film either together or separately. We generally recommend Quake Heroes for children in 4th-5th grade (age 9) and up. We believe every family and community should make their own decisions considering the film’s documentary style, length, and content.
Please get in touch with us via the inquiry form below to discuss your requirements with one of our team members.
Yes, we have many subtitle language options available for the movies. Please let us know your requirements during the booking process.
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